Dimitris Liousis is a manufacturer of handmade violins with European standards, which combine audio perfection and elegance and hHome4e has already managed to delight the artistic circles with his creatures. He is engaged in the manufacturing of handmade violins the last thirty-five years, covering a major training course in Italy and Germany, where he obtained the appropriate level of expertise in construction, acoustic, varnish and the appropriate qualification. Moreover, he daily spends some time to study such books and maintains contacts with the greatest violin manufacturing centers in Europe both in Cremona, Italy and at Mittenwald, Germany.

Musicians’ artistic circles received with great surprise the violins of Mr. Liousis, because of the fact that they have exquisite anatomical fit to the body of every violinist and audio brilliance, characteristics which hardly grow in the world of manufacturing handmade instruments. It is the favorite child of the eminent Greek violinists, and developed a special partnership with the virtuoso violinist George Koros, who in his first contact with the Liousi’s violins confirmed their magnificent structure and also, with the famous virtuoso violinist Nikos Hatzopoulos, who also reports: "I have the honor to hold a violin of Mr. Liousis and while playing with it, I discovered that it is of a great importance, the fact that a technique can be expressed through a perfect instrument. Dimitris, you got my personal congratulations and I believe that you have every reason to feel proud of your violin. "

One of the biggest successes in his long manufacturing route, is the entrance of one of his handmade violins in the White House’s Public Orchestra in Washington, USA.

Recently the excellence of his construction techniques was upheld by German Specialists in Düsseldorf, Germany. Today, he lives and manufactures handmade violins in Alexandroupolis, Evros and he is nationally known as ¨STRADIVARI¨ of Greece.

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